Empire Games

I was thrilled to be invited by Today’s Parks, one of the best wintersports course design firms in the world, to prepare 3D animated visualizations for Empire Games events at Stoneham and Bromont Montagne D’expérience. These head-to-head snowboarding events were organized and hosted by Empire, presented by Monster Energy Drink and Burton, and co-sponsored by Oakley and Volcom, so it was very exciting to be entrusted with creating motion graphics that convey the challenge of the event and the prestige of these world-class brands.

The designers at Today’s Parks provided me with pencil sketches of each feature and their arrangement in the overall course. These features are intended to very challenging while being flawlessly constructed to allow for competitors to smoothly navigate their own way through and demonstrate their unique style. I modeled the features in Maya and then imported each one into Unreal Engine 4 to assemble the course and animate the camera to provide everyone with a detailed preview of the challenges they would be facing.

First was the Empire Games Stoneham course:

Next up was the Empire Games Bromont Montagne D’expérience course:

Here’s some footage of the actual Bromont course once it was constructed:

And here you can see the event recap for the Stoneham event:


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