An informational video for the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction produced in a unique collaboration between the digital media arts studio Wovie and current high school students. The video explains the testing and graduation requirements for high school students, interspersed with these animated sequences that introduce each section.

The art direction called for 2D animatic-style animation intended to emulate the aesthetic of a 1950s film strip. (These film strips were not motion pictures, but a series of individual frames that would be advanced through the projector by hand whenever the accompanying record or tape played a beep or chime, indicating the the filmstrip operator that they should advance the frame.)

To make the video more dynamic than an actual filmstrip, each frame was composed with multiple layers and a parallax effect was utilized to provide motion and depth, along with subtle pans and zooms. Also, hearkening back to the experience of the source material, I added some slight imperfections in the advancement of frames and a couple of slight focus adjustments early in the video.


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