Advertising Content: Hayward Flow Control

This model was adapted from .iges and .stl CAD files provided by the manufacturer.

Since these meshes are designed for manufacturing, they’re often excessively dense for the purposes of animation, requiring a cleanup process that maintains the integrity of the model. Excessively dense geometry can not only increase the rendering time, it can produce some unpredictable results with the behavior of light and shadows on the model’s surfaces – at times creating a pinched or otherwise textured appearance in areas that are supposed to be perfectly flat.

The pivots and related rigging aspects need to be attended to with special care to ensure realistic model behavior, balanced with the need to provide for exceptionally clear, demonstrative animation. In the above still, the interlocking teeth of the valve needed to be shown in action in a visible way – a scenario that would be impossible to see with live action footage.

The valve can only be open and closed when the safety handle is engaged; the model was rigged to accommodate this factor with set-driven keys that managed all of these elements simultaneously.

Shaders representing various materials including textured plastic and brushed metal were created and applied to the imported and adapted models based on RGB values derived from the manufacturer’s reference photos.

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