As the Multimedia Designer for the Product Marketing team at PowerSchool, I’ve been responsible for creating motion graphics and editing videos for the Marketing and Social teams.

Collaborating with product and marketing leads, content copywriters, and sales representatives I have created an extensive collection of animation and video assets for our ongoing series of solution overview videos, which are featured online. I also adapted these videos for broadcast via CTV. Here’s an example of a solution overview video. I sourced the b-roll stock footage, created custom product animations, designed and animated all of the motion graphics and transitional elements, and managed the selection and hiring of VO talent.

I’ve created 100+ videos in collaboration with the Social Media team. In addition to these videos, I’ve also designed and provided quarterly updates to templates for titles and transitions for the Social team to use to streamline their own production processes.

Working with the Events team and the SLT, I have also created bespoke video and animation content for special events such as industry shows and annual summit meetings. These are often displayed on non-standard arrangements of multiple screens and/or LED displays with custom aspect ratios.

I’ve created an animated icon library with 146 (and counting!) lively icons that are available for use for my team in Product Marketing as well as the Social team.

I’ve adapted existing video animations to Lottie animations for web. I think Lottie animations have tremendous potential. It’s wonderful that I can create a 30-second HD animation that is contained within a file smaller than a typical animated GIF email signature!

Additionally, I have:

•Developed 3D animation assets using Maya and established efficient pipelines into After Effects for compositing and motion tracking for product hero image sequences.
•Consulted with Software Engineering to establish best practices and optimize legacy assets during company-wide website redesign
•Curated the Marketing team’s Wistia library and tracked analytics for a selection of 800+ videos with 230k+ views
•Authored content to define branding guidelines with regard to motion graphics, animation, and video assets and to assist junior animators and outsourcing partners with executing on tasks that utilize project templates.


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