Environmental Protection Agency

For this project, the Environmental Protection Agency reached out to water utilities across the country to provide information on critical infrastructure guidelines for earthquake preparedness. I was brought on board to create this animated video, and then adapt many of its assets for supplementary print material. This project involved everything from hand-drawn illustrations to 2D and 3D animation.

This project involved the creation of an entire cityscape. The city has several featured areas that the camera flies toward in order to illustrate various concepts involving municipal water supply security. The video also features a complete underlying diagram of the city’s water infrastructure that is revealed using animated alpha masks.

Each clip begins with an overview of the cityscape with distinct commercial, industrial, and residential districts, along with a regional airport and a university.


A view of the diagrammatic representation of the water infrastructure. This is another layer of the 3D cityscape, which is rendered separately and then composited with an animated reveal.


A featured destination – the water treatment plant.


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