Olive Garden

I was very excited about the opportunity to work with Sherwood Outdoor to develop a series of pre-visualization renders to assist in the planning of a major renovation of the flagship Olive Garden location in Times Square, New York City. This is another step in the evolution of architectural display technology in a world-famous location known for vibrant and exciting motion graphics!

Working from sketches and detailed descriptions, I created a 3D model of the Olive Garden building that I could align perfectly with location photographs. This project involves dozens of individual, large-scale screens that are positioned separately, but feature motion graphics that move through the entire array as if it were a single display. So I then designed a 2D template to create original motion graphics based on the Olive Garden’s branding specifications. Next, I rendered these motion graphics as image sequences that I applied to the 3D models as animated textures. Finally, I rendered only the display areas of the 3D model, and composited them in 2D with the location photographs, adding relevant details such as reflections in the windows to help the architectural team see how the finished renovation would look in action.

Working with the 2D display array project and the 3D model enabled me to rapidly iterate with the architectural team to try several different design possibilities.

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