Seamlessly looping clips

A background clip designed for additional image overlays. The images are “pushed forward” by the flow of water and particles. The particles are designed with rim lighting to evoke the appearance of imagery derived from an electron microscope.

The particles are composed of geometry controlled by dynamic particle emitters, with various speed, spread and rotation values. There are also bitmap textures applied to flat planes that are produced by particle emitters – these have two of their rotation channels locked so they can’t be seen to be flat, though they can still rotate on one axis to match the behaviors of the geometry particles.


The clip loops seamlessly after about 20 seconds so the client can extend it as needed. The loop was created by having discrete start and end keyframes for the group of particle emitters. The image sequence was rendered from before the emitters began, until after they stopped and the last particle left the frame. Then the image sequence was duplicated and overlayed in compositing software, with the timing offset to maintain an apparent continuous particle flow.

To save 3D rendering time, a Z-depth channel was rendered and depth of field effects were applied in compositing.

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